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1) There is a nice article on Reef Balls in the November 2001 Florida Concrete magazine.  It highlights a partnership between Reef Ball and Cemex (formerly Southdown, Inc.) to reuse concrete left over in trucks when they return to the plant. 
2) There are two new reports on our website:
  • Curacao 8 Month Monitoring Report, a must read includes lots of tips on transplanting and propogating Caribbean coral species.
  • Power Point Presentation by Mike King, John Walch & Todd Barber given at the Marine Ornamentals conference about Reef Balls and coral propagation work.
    Follow the links above or go to then Scientific Resources --> Species Specific Coral Transplant Notes
    3) The secies notes above were also updated, specifically noting various coral's resistance to algae overgrowth based on the Curacao outbreak last summer.
    4) There's a new book being released by Anthony Rosario Calfo "Book of Coral Propagation Volume 1."
    The text was just released at the beginning of November and has already been picked up by and other notable bookstores.  Todd Barber of Reef Ball  is going to review an advanced copy and will report his impressions on this listbot.  Although it was written for the aquarium industry, many of the techniques including documentation of greenhouse coral farming, are directly applicable to those doing coral propogation and replanting on Reef Balls. ...more on this book soon.
    5) We are reviewing our mold pricing for 2002 and expect some minor increases...order molds before Dec. 31st to take advantage of the current lower prices!


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