We thought we would be different today and highlight some interesting Reef
Ball Facts

..On average, there is a new article about Reef Balls in the press EVERY
(Check http://www.artificialreefs.org/articles/news.htm often!...there is
more than 500 already)
..Reef Balls are already deployed in over 40 COUNTRIES worldwide
..Reef Ball websites have at least some content in MORE THAN EIGHT OTHER
LANGUAGES; Spanish, Dutch, German, Arabic, French, Italian, Chinese,
Portuguese, and others?
..there are over 75 SCIENTIFIC PAPERS or monitoring studies of Reef Balls
(see http://www.artificialreefs.org/ScientificReports/research.htm)
..that hundreds of people have had their cremated REMAINS MIXED INTO A REEF
BALL which was donated to help restore a reef?
(see www.eternalreefs.com)
..that in addition to restoring coral reefs, Reef Balls are used to protect
and restore beaches, to create oyster reefs, to save turtles, to help birds
of prey, to stop illegal trawling, to remove CO2 from our atmosphere, to
serve as a home for coral transplants, and over 100 other uses?
..the Reef Ball Foundation is a 501(c) PUBLICLY SUPPORTED CHARITY with
permanent IRS status?
..that Reef Ball will celebrate our 10 YEAR ANNIVERARY next summer?
..that Reef Balls come in 9 DIFFERENT SIZES
..that just one Reef Ball will produce over 60,000 pounds of fish and
150,000 lbs of marine life over its expected life of 500+ years?
..that Reef Balls have restored about .01% of the world's reef systems?
..that Reef Ball staff and associates number over 100 people and over 20
..that Reef Ball has NEVER HAD A FAILED PROJECT?
..that Reef Ball President and Foundation CEO Todd Barber has never taken a
salary or compensation from Reef Ball?
..that there are more Reef Ball designed artificial reefs than any other
designed artificial reef by a factor of more than 50?
..that there are over 100 variations used in making Reef Balls to fit
specific biological or end use goals?
..that there are over 125 different specific concrete mix designs used to
make Reef Balls for specific goals?
..that education to protect natural reefs is a primary goal of the Reef
Ball Foundation?
..that the deepest Reef Ball is in over 800 feet of water and the
shallowest is breaking the surface?
..that the largest private project (non-governmental) built over 3,000 Reef
Balls with just 2 molds in 5 years? (P.T. Newmount)
..that Reef Balls have been "seeded/planted" with hard corals, soft corals,
abalone, sea urchins, snails, oysters for various project goals
..that Reef Ball bylaws prevent us from paying for advertising?
..that we have a search engine at www.artificialreefs.org that indexes all
of the Reef Ball websites so that with one search you can check the Reef
Ball Foundation, The Reef Ball Development Group, Eternal Reefs, The Reef
Ball Coalition and our authorized contractor sites?
..that we share our knowledge about building reefs to help others make
better reefs...even when they don't use Reef Balls?
..that ANYONE can make a difference...a REAL difference to help our worlds
ocean ecosystems..get involved...make a difference!

(We'll get back to our traditional project oriented updates next
time...thanks for letting us be a bit different today).